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Stay or switch jobs?

I've had an interesting year work-wise, I spent half of it teaching in Spain (which I loved) and worked as a tour leader when I got back. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do for a career but love languages and may consider moving to Spain at some point and perhaps working as a TA or primary teacher once qualified (in international schools). I've just started a TA job at a local school but although I love kids, the actual job isn't fulfilling me and the teacher I'm with isn't pleasant to work with. I've just been offered a job with a travel company, which may eventually progress into a role where I'll be travelling. I love travelling so am really interested but I've just started at school. So I'm wondering if it's better to stay where I am or try out the opportunity of gaining sales experience and travelling? The latter definitely excites me more but I still may want to teach at some point.
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