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Transferring from the OU to a brick uni, + working. Advice needed please!

Hi all,

I currently study law at the open university and I’m in my first year. I’ve been considering switching to a brick uni and have received one unconditional offer so far (and haven’t heard from other 2 unis yet).

I’m stuck and would appreciate any advice/experiences. I work 30 hours a week and would have to keep working if I switched to a brick uni as I have my own rented studio apartment. I could not live on campus/in student accommodation for that reason, + I would have nowhere to go ‘home’ to during the holidays. The commute to any of my 3 choices is between 25m-1hr.

I work nights (2am-8am 5 days a week) so my schedule would most likely not clash. I could not reduce my hours.

Is going to a brick uni + working 30hrs work? I really like the open uni for its flexibility but I’m finding it hard to stay motivated and miss the classroom experience. Or should I just stick with OU?

Thank you?
You will find it very difficult to work 30 hours a week and get a decent degree. I did the same switch - OU to Brick - and was only working 20 hours a week but it definitely compromised my degree, and a First was out of reach. Be prepared for your 'student experience' not being the same as everyone else's. You will not be able to attend 'extra' stuff on campus because of work/sleep/travel logistics and will often feel frustrated by this. And you will be surrounded by 18 year olds. Its do-able, but you will feel permanently knackered,
In my previous job, I would hold concerns when hiring students that anything over 20 hours was going to impact negatively on their studies. I'd say the ideal window if you have to work would be 10-16 hours (I've went back into education myself and currently work 14). I knew a couple of people that would still stretch 24 hours a week, but be prepared to have to really manage your time and sacrifice a social life if you want to excel. It then raises concerns as well that doing this for year(s) can also lead to burn out.

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