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Advice needed for uni graduation!

Hey guys, I've found myself in a difficult situation regarding graduation. So my family booked tickets to visit my home country for 3 weeks over the winter period back in May. This was when I believed graduation would be taking place as normal. However, due to the marking boycott, I didn't get to attend my summer graduation and have just been informed that I will be attending a winter one instead. I won't be in the country over winter so I have no idea what to do now. Despite being so disappointed over the delay in summer, I was excited to graduate with my friend whenever it was rescheduled. Now, I'm feeling totally crushed over the situation and the fact that I'll most likely not get a graduation at all. I'm not even sure if I can defer since it's technically been deferred already due to the strikes (don't think I'd want to graduate alone without my friend either). Would appreciate any advice :smile:

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