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I need you guys advice for my GCSE

Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well.
I'm living in the UK for 3 years now (I came to the UK for a better life I mean working) and I decided now that I wanted to finish school (I'm 23 years now). I'll start with my IGCSE Maths and then English.
English is my second language (Portuguese is my first). Would you mind to give any tips for pass my IGCSE knowing that I'm really bad at Maths and English is not my first language.
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I've also done IGCSEs
For english-Mr everythingthing English
For math- GCSE this tutor
These are the YouTubers I watched to get good grades in eng and math. Go on the playlists of their channel and revise off their vids. I only got a book and few pens to revise and study. You don't need any other study tools, textbooks, tutors. trust me (accept basic math tools). I paid over £1000 for a course online that did absolutely nothing for me so I decided to use YouTube and luckily it was one of the best decisions Ive ever made. BTW for reference I hadn't gone to school in 2years and the last grade I got in school was a 2 in eng and prob 3/4 in math. For my GCSEs I got 8s by revising just one month before(but make sure u don't do this and revise consistently through out the year as it's mentally exhausting). I know u can do it. Best of luck. Hope this helps.

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