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Economics revision tips

I am having some trouble on how to take notes for economics and not too sure on how to learn the content and apply it to the questions. Any tips on how i can do this?
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Hi, here are some tips that I think might help you take notes, learn the content, and apply it to questions

Print your lecture slides if possible, and read them before attending the lecture. This will make you familiar with the content and prevent repetition.

Active Listening and Engagement in Class: Pay close attention during your economics classes. Actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and seek clarification when you don't understand something.

Use graphs, images, and mind maps to emphasize key points and help you visualize connections between different aspects of the subject.

Focus on picking out important points rather than trying to write down everything. Relax, listen attentively, and write down phrases or words that capture the essence of the topic.

Develop your own shorthand that you can understand. This will make note-taking faster and more efficient.

Organize your notes logically, separating them into modules or topics. This will make them easier to find when you need to review them later.

Review Regularly: Consistent review is essential. Set aside time to go over your notes regularly, even if it's just a brief daily review.

Practice Problem Solving: Economics often involves problem-solving. Practice working through economic problems and questions regularly to improve your analytical skills.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help with your assignments.
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Thank you so much! Do you recommend the same tips as a level student in yr13?
Or is there something different I can do ?
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Yes, I would highly recommend those strategies because I have seen them work. However, I strongly believe if you attend classes and take your own notes, use active recall revision method, and practice with past questions you will be good.

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