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I’m struggling to pick an option

I’m taking It, psychology and business as A-level and I’m interested in doing a level 3 qualification in criminology either as a replacement for business or as a 4th subject. I’m really unsure on what I want to do. I’m unsure how I feel about business as I just started and I didn’t take it as a GCSE so I am kinda struggling a bit w it. criminology is something I feel I will be more interested in but I’ve heard that you can’t get a lot out it.
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If I were in your shoes, to keep my options open I wouldn't take the Lvl3 Q. Reason being I think having an A-level in psych will qualify you for courses in criminology should you choose to pursue it in university. That way you can pile more of your time into the business course and achieve the best you can which can open doors to any finance related course should you want to pursue that field (keep in mind some universities ask for an Alvl in maths but not the majority). This might sound cheesy but I think you should ask yourself why do you want to do business? Criminology in my eyes at least is simply a section of psychology itself but specialized to a group of people. This tells me that's the field or area of study that sparks your interest most, studying people. If my hunch is right you should if possible swap business for an easier A-level. Even if criminology is exactly what you want, with psychology in my opinion its easy to transition into it later on. That being said, maybe you do have a concrete reasoning to take business other than the fear of what you really like not working out in which case keep it, study hard and drop the lvl3. I hope this helped and good luck with whatever you decide

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