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how to cope with depressed mum

my mums been depressed for a while now and yeh its difficult to cope it just makes me feel so down... and i tried saying that to her today but she literally says "its not about how you feel" and honestly i've had enough. ik its a mental health issue but my mental health is being affected constantly having to pick up all the things she doesnt do, not seeing friends, had to quit my part time job, coming home instead of studying on frees and loads more stuff. its all just really making me feel worthless and idk how long this will last or if she'll ever get better but i really can't deal with it anymore..... of course my mental health and how i feel matters too and i'm so annoyed at her for saying that but how do i say it to her without risking our relationship and making her even worse its so difficult pls help
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It's clear that you have been carrying a lot and that the situation is impacting profoundly on you.
Severe depression can be a terrible thing and people who suffer badly from it are frequently incapable of putting the needs of important others, like family, partners, children, before their own. It can look like utter selfishness but its part of the condition.
I think trying to talk your mum round at this stage is unlikely to have any lasting effect and it sounds like you just end up feeling worse. Do you have access to any free counselling? I think having someone you can talk this through with could be helpful to you. If you can build some resilience, and manage your expectations, you might find you are able to cope better.
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Speak to her, offer support, maybe seek family support

Perhaps you could ask her to go to her GP

She could phone helplines such as the Samaritans on 116 123

I'll be back to provide more info
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You an get support and there is a lot of support out there such as:

-The Samaritans, you can call 116 123, which is available 24 hours a day

-Mind, 0300 123 3393

-Saneline, 0300 304 7000, from 4.30pm-10.30pm

-The mix, 0800 808 4994, 11am-11pm

-SHOUT, text 852258, 24 hour text service

-Crises, 741741, text service

-Papyrus, 0800 068 4141, if you have thoughts of suicide or in emotional distress

-Rethink mental health, 0300 5000 927

-No Panic, 0800 138 8889

-relate, they have a chat advisor

There is the mind forum

Also Facebook groups

You can join support groups

You can contact a crises team if things get very bad

Plenty of resources online, information regarding well being

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