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Anxious about uni

I am about to start uni properly in biological sciences, planning to go the environmental biology route. I have just been so stressed and depressed this past month as to if i will succeed. I have put in the most effort in the past but my grades never showed it. My parents won't allow a gap year, i wanted to take one but i know the path i want to go on now. I still wanted to take one for the sake of my mental health but i don't know. I also talked to my ex teachers in person about my decision, going to a lower ranking uni for the course i want. They all went high ranking universities though and said that as long as i work hard ill get where i want. I have my doubts tho, i will work hard just man am i scared. I know i want to work to get into a higher ranking university like Bristol or UCL for my masters and people who went my uni and did my course did get in for them!
I unfortunately have also stressed my parents out with uni and i feel guilty for everything.
All my other friends are going to better universities and then theres me. I know i did this to myself but man i can't help but feel like ****. I wish i did things differently
any advice on how i can stay optimistic?

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