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Trying to find Vet Med Work experience

Hi, I’m trying to get some placements to help with my vet med applications for the next year, but currently getting rejection after rejection. Does anyone have any advice especially in get placements in a practice, but husbandry advice is also welcomed. If anyone knows of anyone I’m based in Norwich
For practices just keep asking around - I think many dont take under 18s but there are definitely those that do. You can use the RCVS Find A Vet search to help you find vets in your area. I would think chains like Vets4Pets would take work experience too.

Husbandry-wise, I don’t know of what’s in the Norwich area but try to get a mixture of e.g. lambing, dairy, kennels/cattery, and horse yard work. You might be able to find lambing placements via the NSA Lambing List or facebook groups such as The Lambing Club. Public farms/petting zoos can be a good shout too if there are any near you. There should also be stables around that you can get a couple of weeks at or some weekends helping out. There’s also quite a lot of pigs in East Anglia so maybe visiting a pig farm would be possible for you.

Generally, a polite email from yourself will suffice but you may need to phone up/visit places for a more direct answer or avoid being ghosted. Best of luck, it can be hard but just stay persistent!
Advice I gave to a similar poster recently:

You have to be persistent. Veterinary practices are common; there are loads around you. Call them first, as it makes a better impression than an email. On this forum at the top, there is a pinned resource thread which gives thorough detail on how to acquire work experience placements for vet med. I recommend you read this.

It's tough. When I was preparing to apply to vet med, I had to ring hundreds of businesses to find the few that would take me seriously. But all vet students had to do it - it's one way the vet schools determine how serious the applicants are. You've got this!

Good luck :smile:

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