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How to go from 4-5s at triple science GCSE to 7s in combined IGCSE?

I'm in year 11 and transferred from foundation triple science gcse (AQA) to higher combined IGCSE (CIE)

do you think its possible to go from 4-5s to 7s+? I'm currently using Seneca, century, quizlet and my own notes for revision, aiming for 30mins - 1hour of each science per day
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You can 100% improve your grades.But you'll most likely have to put in more time.
Especially in the months coming up to the test you'll need about 3hrs a day.
You're resources are ok but try blurting, flashcards(Anki) and the Physics and maths tutor flashcards (saves the time of writing them urself).
Past papers and exam style questions are also essential.

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