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Official NATURAL SCIENCES applicants thread 2024

Are you applying to study natural sciences at university this year?
Well this is the place for you!

Tell us about ...

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Share as much detail as you're comfortable with.

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I'm Oliver and am a forth year natural scientist at Lancaster.

I just thought I'd give an overview about natural sciences at Lancaster and feel free to ask me any question on here :smile:

Natural sciences is definitely one of the most flexible degrees out there allowing you to study across two or three different departments. At Lancaster there are so many different pathways to choose from across all branches of chemistry, physics, maths, biology, geography and psychology, just to name a few. Each university will do pathways slightly differently and a have a varied range of possible combinations so definitely check that out on the relevant websites. The full list of pathways and entry requirements for Lancaster can be found here:

I know there is also there is also the option to take a non science subject as your third pathway and throughout your degree 25% of your credits can be in a non science subject.
There is also the option to alter you pathway choices as you progress through your degree. For me this was extremely valuable as I was able to drop my physical chemistry pathway after first year to allow for a greater focus on biochemistry.

One of the best things about natural sciences is the vast range of experiences you get and people you meet. Since you study alongside the single honours students across multiple departments, you get to see so many more faces and there is never a lonely lecture. It’s also great to see how all the different sciences interlink and you can often apply something you learnt in one subject to one of your other pathways which is fascinating!

Best of luck everyone with your applications!

Oliver (Student Ambassabor)
Where is everyone applying to?
Reasons for different choices ......?
Hey guys,
So I've applied to Durham, Bath and Exeter and am looking for two other options. I'm looking to study a chemistry/biochemistry degree with not toooo much biology. I have 4 A*s predicted BUT! my personal statement actually mention 'Natural Sciences', do you think this means I won't be accepted for any biochemistry degrees. Thanks for your help in advance :biggrin:
What about Imperial and UCL
Original post by Kumar2005
What about Imperial and UCL

yeah - gonna apply UCL as a fourth and possibly thinking Leeds as a fifth. Any other suggestion?
KCL is also an option.
Original post by hulking-marking
yeah - gonna apply UCL as a fourth and possibly thinking Leeds as a fifth. Any other suggestion?
unfortunately they don't do my course!
Original post by Kumar2005
KCL is also an option.
Any offers for Nat Sci yet .....?

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