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My Last Year Project

Im looking at emotions in Sports Coaching for my final year project (dissertation) but im struggling to actually pin down a specific research question and find a way of which i can collect data for it. Any help would be great thanks.
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Being an athlete myself (a consummate footballer, basketballer, table tennis player, bodybuilder), being a person who plays better when I LOVE the sport, or FEEL there is something at stake and wouldn't be able to tolerate losing the game, or HATE the person or people I am playing against, and also being a very SORE loser, I believe that emotions are integral to success on the field of play. In fact, not only in sports, but in every area of life.

When your actions are charged with or stem from strong emotions, you usually perform better because whatever you are. doing means a lot to you and thus performing well at it makes you feel good. However, being overly emotional, especially being angry, is usually detrimental to performance as it clouds judgement. Being a sore loser could lead to you not playing the sport again or playing less than you should due to you avoiding the sport because you FEEL you are not good enough or you FEAR losing, or people avoiding playing with you because they FEAR what you become when you lose.
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You could investigate whether bad losers are better at their sports than people who don't seem to be too bothered by losing.

You will have to collect data from athletes and coaches using interviews and questionnaires.

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