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left out at school

I hate P.E., biology, chemistry and physics. I would love P.E, it would be my favourite subject hecause I love sports and am a competitive person. However, I never have partners or people to group with in pe or practicals in the sciences. I do have friends, but their friend group includes A, H and I who all dislike me for no reason, so I can never have a partner or a group in these situations. I am absolutely not going to go tell the teacher "they're leaving me out/I don't have a partner" because I do not feel any need for embarrassment. I don't know what to do in pe + science anymore. I skipped pe last week and they didn't notice and I can get away with not doing it on one lesson because that pe teacher doesn't care, but what am I supposed to do with the other pe lesson? Please help me
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This same thing happens to me still, I have friends in P.E. but they have closer friends they stay with. I am normally left to myself. Not to mention these lessons are a 100 mins long. You could fake some kind of injury which makes you sit out of it however that's not the right thing to do. I normally just try to make myself unnoticed and just let it pass by. And try to make other friends in P.E. if its possible, not to mention the obvious.
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I've faked injury a lot lol and that's what I'm currently doing but it's rlly awkward like... and I would try and make more friends but same thing would happen again and the rest are chavs and boys so like- no.
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Yep ik how that feels like, so sadly the only thing you can do is drag your way through it

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