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Classics personal statement lacking latin or greek language experience


Fell in love with classics a long time ago but have never had the option to study any classical languages at High School.
However, received A1s (Scottish Highers) in terms of my modern languages results.
Every university I intend to apply to mentions, on the entry requirement section, that beginners to the language are welcome to apply.
My question is the following: How do I go about discussing my lack of classical linguistic background in a way that portrays a genuine passion for the classics. (I.E. What’s the best way, in your view, to go about this?)

I'd probably just focus on your interests in the subject material (i.e. texts) and go from that. Since the languages you studied are probably Indo-European you could relate them from that angle if you wanted to, I think it's not really necessary.
Most universities are happy to take students with no language experience. Some even have 4-year courses designed for this purpose. They realise that Latin and Classical Greek are only available to a certain number of candidates, and even then it is often only up to GCSE/National 5 level.

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