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Mental health struggle

I recently started my A levels in September and I’ve felt like this for a while but I’m just really struggling with my mental health. I’m finding school alright so far so it has nothing to do with that. I actually have no idea why I feel like this, I have a great support system from my family and they love me. Especially my parents and they’re really supportive of what degree I want to do and just in general. My social life is pretty dry, I don’t talk to anyone outside of school. I have friends but I’m not close with them at all. People are nice to me at school. But I just feel so numb and blank all the time. I go to sleep on time and I eat healthily as well. I just can’t shake off this feeling. I know that I want to go to uni to become a dentist, but I know that if I’m struggling with my mental health right now. I might sabotage my academic life. Does anybody have any advice?
Taking up some sort of an activity can help, I know gaming can be a good way to get out of depression, especially if you can play with other like minded players and voice chat with them. Going to the gym can be a very good way to get rid of some stress too, or just to create a new hobby and get really focused onto something else, to keep your mind away from things you struggled with.
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It is quite normal that you are going through this. When I was in the high school, I felt just the same as you. Now I have got a fully understanding of this mental issue, and I would call it the painfulness of the growth and the evolution of your mind.
Everyone is alone in the whole lifetime, and the only ones that you should be uncondionally loyal to are your family.
You an get support and there is a lot of support out there such as:

-The Samaritans, you can call 116 123, which is available 24 hours a day

-Mind, 0300 123 3393

-Saneline, 0300 304 7000, from 4.30pm-10.30pm

-The mix, 0800 808 4994, 11am-11pm

-SHOUT, text 852258, 24 hour text service

-Crises, 741741, text service

-Papyrus, 0800 068 4141, if you have thoughts of suicide or in emotional distress

-Rethink mental health, 0300 5000 927

-No Panic, 0800 138 8889

-relate, they have a chat advisor

There is the mind forum

Also Facebook groups

You can join support groups

You can contact a crises team if things get very bad

Plenty of resources online, information regarding well being

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