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Leaving PwC Audit mid training contract

So I tried to do some digging on this but most forums about this seem to be over ten years old or have no good answers.

I want to hear from people who were dismissed involuntarily by PwC mid ACA contract and if they were made to pay back fees. If so how much? A friend of a friend was dismissed and had to pay fees.

If you left voluntarily I would still be curious to know how much you had to pay and how many exams youd done.

But what im confused about is considering how many people PwC take on in audit every year, surely the internet and forums should be plagued with people complaining about getting sacked and subsequently bankrupted by their employer?

Im not seeing any of these stories anywhere other than people telling stories of what they heard, but nothing first hand.

So is it done on a case by case basis? any input would be appreciated

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