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Taking a gap year?

Ive been in sixth form college for about 2 months now, and my mental health has taken a massive toll and i've been having panic and anxiety attacks nearly everyday because of the amount of stress and pressure that is put on me. I am now considering a break from education and start work, and next year go back and do sixth form again. My year 11 was mentally exhausting for many personal reasons and because of that i was having the same issues i am having now, with the panic and anxiety attacks, but somehow this year is worse. I feel like a gap year can really be benifitial for my physical and mental health, but i don't want to be seen as a failure who has dropped out of college by my family. Any advise, especially from people who has taken a gap year between secondary and sixth form / college will be greatly appreciated!
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Trust me the fear of being seen as a failure would be nothing compared to the amount of stress you'll be making yourself face by forcing yourself to stay in education. You will not be able to achieve your best if you're constantly in this state, please prioritise your health.

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