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horrible girls in school

I am in year 11 and today I was in a PSHE lesson and behind me sits these 2 horrible girls who for half the lesson just taunt me and a couple of friends i have in that class.

They say some disgusting stuff about other boys in our class doing sexual things to us or us to them and they maniacally laugh with each other. They say these things LOUD as well.

We are not friends with these girls nor do we ever talk to them, they are your typical unintelligent, rude, loud, "popular", failure of a human being chavs.

They only said one thing to me and the rest to the friends that sit next to me, thankfully they haven't said anything that sexualizes me Infront of the whole entire class but they do to my friends. They joked about me and another girl going on a two man step with a boy in our class and then laughed as if it was the funniest thing ever told.

I have this lesson once a week and in two different rooms and in this one room they say these disgusting things to us. The teacher doesn't care and just tells them to quiet down but they don't.

I am very introverted and have crippling social anxiety. I absolutely dread going to this lesson and literally panic every time. They know we are quiet and that's why they do it. They know that no one is going to stand up to them and put them in their place.

Does anyone know what I can do about this? I can't stand up to them because 1. I will be made fun of by absolutely everyone 2. I am too anxious for that and 3. they are the type of people to scream in your face and ask you to scrap them outside McDonalds. Any advice?
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So sorry to hear this is happening to you, honestly it’s a real pain about how these girls are just allowed to get away with it. Is there anyone you could email about this? Like your own form tutor or another teacher that you trust.
I agree. Form tutor as a start. Explain how you're feeling and what the teacher does/doesn't do and ask for some solutions.
Form tutor as a start, and to be honest I feel this should at least involve your year head if not your headteacher. This is sexual harassment and should not be tolerated.

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