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Hi guys I'm applying to Cornell and duke university from the uk (plus other unis). My GCSEs 877666654 a level predicted grades A*A*A in maths physics and biology I got an A* in my epq i got a 1600 in my SAT. Some of my extracurriculars include fully funded summer school at imperial college for science, navy cadets, deputy house captain, president of eco committee, head of charity in my boarding house, maths scholar in school, engineering + hospital work experience, dofe bronze and silver, 1000+ hours of volunteering at care home hospital and children church, writer and part for the editorial team for school's science magazine . I'm apply for early decision for duke I'm worried that my gcses are extremely low so what are the odds that i'll get in? Also I went to state school all the way up to year 11 i go private school for sixth form will I be less likely to receive any financial aid?
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Cornell and Duke are need-aware for international students, so the fact you are applying for financial aid reduces your chances.
[start]If you are admitted, they will meet 100% of financial need which they calculate using their own formula based on the income and assets information for your family that you provide as a part of financial aid application. State or private school does not matter, only family income.[/start]
[start]Top universities limit the number of international students to about 10% of total intake, so chances of acceptance are much lower for international students than for Americans, even for ED. Your odds of acceptance are probably around 1-2%.[/start]

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