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are my school choices good? (PLS HELP)

hi! i'm an international student studying under an American program (so SATs, APs, i'm not american though) and i was wondering if my scores stand a decent chance at getting into my five choices.
for context, i'm applying for a BSc in psych (i'm SUPER interested in it!)
SAT- 1510
Junior year: AP psych (5), AP Chinese (5), AP Calc AB (4), AP English Lang (4)
Senior year: AP Microecon, AP Macroecon, AP Biology, AP Stats
i haven't taken these tests yet so my teachers will be providing a predicted score, but i'm positive they will be predicting a five for all as i've been doing pretty well in these classes

and here are the unis i'm planning to apply to:
1. UCL
2. KCL
3. St. Andrews
4. University of Bath/Uni. of Edinburgh (still deciding btwn the two)
5. University of Exeter
i understand that these unis are mostly super competitive, but i'm thinking of just shooting my shot because i have safeties in other unis.
i've checked the entry requirements for psych for these unis and with my predicted scores i do qualify, but without predicted i'm short of a five to meet the minimum requirements. does anyone have any thoughts?

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