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Oxford Earth Science Interview

Out of curiosity - for a course like Earth Sciences at Oxford with a 90% interview rate - what determines who gets and doesn't get an interview? I'm assuming it's not as simple as making the grades so what else would determine whether you got an interview and what would make the few people denied one not get one?

I'm applying from the US and I meet the minimum requirements exactly mainly because I did meh on all my non stem APs but scored perfectly on nearly all of my STEM one and I have pretty good ACT score - it all meets their requirements - is there anything else I should keep in mind about this? (My personal statement was tailored for earth science and I applied to all earth science courses)
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*FYI Earth science requires an A*AA and I meet the Oxford A*A*A requirements by virtue of my ACT Score
As a general rule at Oxford University for all subjects they like to interview 3 applicants for every place. Earth sciences doesn't get that many applications and therefore they end up interviewing almost everyone. Reasons vary why people don't get called for interview but the two commonest are: a) people confuse earth sciences with environmental sciences and write about env sci in their personal stmt, b) people apply without the predicted or actual minimum entry requirement in the vain hope of being selected. lol

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