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help i have strict parents

my parents never understood mental health so i when i tried explaining to them i was feeling depressed they went ballistic, south asian house hold btw.
cant blame them i get it but i rly want a therapist like i honestly believe itd benefit. my school assigned me to one but i got a bad feeling from her and she described my mental issue to do with animals. she deadas called my brain a monkey... like i get it its ur tactics but damn man
plus i dont feel comfy bcs its the school so theyll prob snitch to my parents.
i tried asking for a gp appointment i tried convincing myself ill be alr on my own but im legit typing this out at 3:46am im half sleep deprived. like im ok so its fine but yk
Hi there! 🙂

I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through with your parents and school.
It really does sound like a lot and it seems like your parents are not taking the time to understand your feelings. Is there anyone else in your house who you could try talking to about this?

I would also recommend possibly telling someone at your school what your therapist said, because that's not very nice at all and it's certainly not helpful. Maybe the school could find you a better therapist who could help you more.

I really hope your situation improves though, wishing you all the best! ❤️

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