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really dealing with study problems

I am (M17). I am dealing with so many panic situations and no one is here to whom I can trust to support including my family even though we love each other. I am having very bad support in studies. There is entrance exam called JEE in India and I am preparing (OR TELLING MYSELF) for it. There are very tough questions and high compition and very high expectation from everyone. I am financially not stable so there is always that concern and I am always in constant guilt that its very tough and big syllabus and very less time and 4 different big subjects means not focused. Am in my gap year and has very backlogs. Also some addictions im sorry but of p*** and cricket is so popular here and currently wc is going on so I frequently watch that even after resisting more and more. I am not this dumb by brain that I cant understand any tough concept told by teacher but having no consistency and backlogs and distractions, I give up watching lecture and do the thing which gives a little comfort. And it makes the loop .i cant go to professional help here as my father don’t believe in it and due to saving money . i am hardworking also and have energy but it drains after any guilt feeling. I make plans and execute them well initially. Like any thought that I will now study this way but it becomes insufficient. Now I don’t want significant high rank but just a stable good happy uni life. It requires a good rank btw if not high, but I can reach that hence i want helps. All students around me are having similar issues so we cant help each other. Teachers even don’t help us in these problems . I don’t think they can. But I am asking for help because I can help all my juniors In any problems so hoping for the senior to help me but all toppers in this exam don’t help or they cant because they were not exposed to these problems and their teachers were with them all time in coaching.
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in short my only problem is studies

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