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i am fiinding it very hard to make plan for study

due to stress and anxiety
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due to stress and anxiety


I am sorry to hear you are finding difficulty with studying. Approaching studying without difficult circumstances is tricky in itself but the extra factors of stress and anxiety makes it very hard. Do you have a support system you have access to?

What level are you studying at? GCSE, A-level, university or other?

Some more information might help about subjects/how you are finding them so more personal advice from others and myself can be given.

Without much context for now, I would say break your studying into small and achievable tasks. For example, let us use the following example. I have a 2000 word essay asking me to argue between two theories. Firstly, I would break down the steps to completing this essay which includes reading about each theory, drawing similarities and comparisons then read more to start having some structure for an essay. I hope this makes some sense but if you have a specific assignment or style of assignment you get consistently you can apply the breaking down into steps approach better.

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I am having very bad support in studies. There is entrance exam called JEE in India and I am preparing for it. it has a huge syllabus and tough problems. due to backlogs and fear i loose focus. im having online classes daily.

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