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Social science degrees?

Are social science degrees good?
What sort of jobs are they geared towards?
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Are social science degrees good?
What sort of jobs are they geared towards?


I'm a second year psychology student at Birmingham City University, currently halfway through completing their 'social science' degree 🙂

The value of a social science degree depends on a lot of different factors, your interests, career goals, and the specific field within social science that you find interesting or with to pursue. Social science degrees cover a broad range of fields, such as sociology, psychology, political science, economics, and more.

Social science graduates may find roles in areas such as research, education, counselling, human resources, public policy, and social services. The degree itself doesn't only just provide you with the knowledge for the specific job prospect, but it also equips you with various life skills like, critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. These skills are transferrable and can be valuable in any job prospect and career. Job markets for social science graduates tend to vary according to specialisations. Some fields have higher demands than others. Researching the job market and potential career paths in your specific area of interest is important.

I think the question is less about whether social sciences are a good degree, but more about what you find interesting, and what you wish to do in your career.

If you want to know more about social science career prospects, we have an article you can read here:

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