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I feel like my problems are never big enough

TW: SEVERE MENTION OF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. Let me preface this by saying that I love and value my friends so much, so by no means do I want to discredit how wonderful they are. I am a year 12 and I’m currently in Sixth form. My friends are considered ‘loud’ and ‘popular’, but they all have their own personal issues.

In my group (like any) there is a range of different issues like family problems, anxiety, depression, self harm and eating disorders and I would say that we are all a very open group in sharing our problems and doing our best to help each other. However, when i try to mention my problems, I feel like no one takes them as seriously. Over the last four years I’ve been struggling with an ed and anxiety (which u am getting professional help with). For example I was recently told my one of my friends that my anxiety isn’t as bad as one of my other friends???????!

Over time I’ve began to struggle to even try to share my problems because it feels like none of them care. Maybe the reason why they don’t think my issues are a big deal is because I don’t talk about them anymore?

I might just be deeping it too much, but it felt good to vent anyway.
If your friends don’t listen to your problems are they really your friends or are they just using you? If you were friends they would listen to your problems and comfort or console it try and help you in any way possible
It's not a competition. Even if other people have issues that might seem more severe than your, it doesn't mean your own struggles aren't valid or are any less important. Your friends have not right to judge your battles.

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