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school anxiety and a level stress

hi, my name is ruby and i have just joined a new school in september. i have joined year 12 and i’m a bit older than everyone else since i redid a school year a couple years back. i have bad anxiety and left my previous school due to it. i have done online school for the past couple of years and it wasn’t great for me as it allowed me to stay in my room and not face anyone. during this time my skin picking got worse and i was diagnosed with anxiety, as well as ASD. i have since been put on fluoxetine also. this helped massively and things had been looking up. obviously i had my good days and bad days but i could see the light at the end of the tunnel. i had planned on going to do a college course 3 days a week for convenience but last minute decided i was going to challenge myself and a levels (since that is always what i has wanted to do). i have gone to a new school and am finding it tough. socially and academically, i am a bit out of practice. my attendance isn’t great and i can feel myself slipping back into my old ways of avoiding school and being lazy and deflated. i want so badly to do my a levels and go to uni and study marine biology and ocean science, but i feel like i am already falling behind. what do i do!?!?!?!?

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