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Spying on me

So my mum put up a camera to spy on me when she forces me to revise and she keeps on comparing me to my sister's who, 1 is doing bad and one is doing actually pretty good, however I would say I'm on par with the better one. The reason why is because I got a "10 point investigation" for my behaviour, and you know black mums when it comes to "behaviour takes part on how well you do" and "your sisters are revising" and "there are some people out there with no homes" and the dreaded "people in primary school revise for 4 hours a day!!!" And when I try talk back she starts trying to guilt trip me on how she's just trying and she changed her ways on slapping me though I know damnnnnn well she's just using that to persuade me to "do better in life" though I'm literally predicted 7,8,9 for my subjects in GCSE, What do I do?
have you tried putting it in rice
Original post by maniek120
have you tried putting it in rice

That won't do anything lmao my mum will just get more angry

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