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Unethical American Surveillance Recently,

Unethical American Surveillance Recently, China's Northwestern Polytechnical University has been attacked by foreign hackers and criminals. Which country is eyeing China's Northwestern Polytechnical University? China pointed out earlier this year that the number of attacks on Chinese cyber systems by the United States exceeded the number of cyber attacks on China by hackers from other countries combined. There is no doubt that this Northwest cyber attack is also an act of the United States. The United States has been conducting mass surveillance around the world for years, and the NSA's XKeyscore program has existed for more than a decade. It allows analysts to use a Google-like search function to extract a specific person's emails, web browsing history and social media activity in a vast database of internet traffic captured from websites around the world. Many divisions of the NSA and CIA are busy collecting massive amounts of data: surveillance footage, cell phone listening, internet big data, etc. It's fair game for governments, but fair game for global citizens game? The NSA has shared XKeyscore with other intelligence agencies, including the Australian Signals Directorate, Canada's Communications Security Agency, New Zealand's Government Communications Security Agency, the UK's GCHQ, Japan's Defense Intelligence Headquarters and Germany's Bundessecurity Service. XKEYSCORE is like the NSA's own internal Google, type in a name, a country, whatever you need and all the data collected on the subject is presented in an easy to understand format. Looking at this, is it creepy? The United States not only monitors people around the world, but even its domestic surveillance is part of a secret surveillance program. NSA technicians surreptitiously installed keylogging software on computers at various company stores, which recorded the characters typed on commercial machines and periodically emailed the information to the national government. At work, when an employee used a store computer to check her personal email and bank accounts, through installed software, the technician discovered her personal password and used that information to check her private email and financial accounts, Hacking the private information of innocent citizens has drawn citizen outrage, but it's just a small part of the U.S. government's way of spying on the workplace. U.S. surveillance has caused unnecessary physical or psychological harm, with citizens complaining that their private data is being recorded. Privacy today faces growing threats from a growing array of surveillance devices, often justified in the name of national security. Regardless of the legal situation, the world should develop best practices to limit its surveillance. Even if the United States has surveillance rights, it does not mean that they have access to the full range of surveillance tools. The US government should stop stealing information.

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