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Seems like J will be dismissed from UWE..

I've caught in several bad experiences in the UWE .. It was specified for the well-being team and a security guard. But generally the staffs were very agile and nice.
I reported some discriminations to the OIA, and I got dismissed by the uni on 26th September.. The Fitness-to-study procedure began in the early August, but I didn't even know what it means as I don't have any friend. I've passed all modules. I have been waiting for the answer from the uni, but two months have passed. I have given up to some extent and now been waiting for the conclusion. Of course, I want to remain in the program.
I really liked the UK, but it seems like the bad people in the UK wants to drive me out of the country. I behaved like a paranoid because I got stressed out by some bad events like somebody transgressed into my room or a spy messaged me that he loves me in an Airbnb for the purpose of collecting my messages. I got kicked out of accommodations four times. I had to move around from lace to place as I couldn't expect what will happen. I sometimes slept in the library when I couldn't book a place. One time, a police contestable in Avon police called me and not to call a guy. Now nobody replies to my message at the UWE. I reported stalking twice, but the police never investigated. A powerful staff at the NHS continously imbedded thoughts on my head and forced me to lie that I'm not being stalked by people. It was like a mind-controlling torture. A nurse asked me "Did you get the signal? " when I was taking an exam to distract me. When I came back to my home country, the Qatar airline make me to waste money by including a bus trip from the Gatwick to the Heathrow airport. I could go to the Heathrow airport directly.
I had a hard time in Bristol, but I could find a peace in my mind in the central library in Coventry. To me, the central library in Coventry was a perfect place to study. I had a chance to live nearby the University of Bristol, but I missed that opportunity because I doubted her. If I could ever go there again, I'll attend the bible study more often. The bad people make their spies seek information from me and suddenly stop talking to me. I keep losing people and am completely alone in the world. People call me a monster or a joker in Korea. Please understand that I sometimes behave like a paranoid. Good luck to myself. I wish I gave better impressions to you guys.

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