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MSc dissapointment

I'm feeling very low right now. I was doing great at my Masters getting over 80% in units, assessments and exams.
Unfortunately I had a mental health crisis. I tried to get support for suspected bi-polar disorder but the GP told me mental health team were overwhelmed and would reject me.

I felt at the time that maybe I should had deffered my unit but thought I could scrape a pass. I wasn't really in a good frame of mind for making decisions at the time.

I'm much better now and still working with a therapist but I found out I failed one assignment at 37% I can resit but my MSc will now be capped entirely at a pass.

I guess I'm just posting for support. On one hand I'm so disappointed and feel like a failure but on the other to even get a pass at MSc with my issues and having a baby and sends kid at home is an amazing feat.

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