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year 13 stress/emotions

hi, over the last couple weeks ive felt the most stressed i ever have in my entire life- more than any point during gcses. sometimes i stress and i know why, e.g interviews coming up, or assessments, but then sometimes i stress and i dont even have a reason to. the more i revise/do hw i realise how much i need to remember and be able to know to get AAB in the summer exams, and this makes me so overwhelmed. i keep crying and feeling so stressed that it gives me physical symptoms, i get a tight chest and the feeling in my chest stays for hours at a time and wont go away. i experienced my first panic attack the other week due to stress during school. im revising really hard and doing hw and have submitted my ucas and am now preparing for my interviews for physiotherapy, so theres not really much more work i can acually do to get better, yet i still feel so stressed. feeling stressed now then stresses me out more that im going to be extremely stressed come the real alevels and this will negatively affect my grades, but i cant stop worrying about it. are there any other year 13s feeling the same way, or has anyone who completed year 13 who felt similar to me and can help reassure me im not alone/ what you did to overcome this/ is this feeling permanent until my summer/ how to deal with it. thanks so much in advance i really need my mind putting at ease atleast :frown:
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I am so sorry to see you in stress.

Year 13 is one of the toughest years - mine was tough too - like extremely tough. I experienced stress coming from not knowing what my future will be like, having to go through big changes depending on how you do this year and also there was the pressure that I need to do well academically coming from my family and friends. Have you been to psychotherapy to talk about your feelings? I personally massively benefited from it. It made me feel like I am not alone when I go through the tough time.
When you are stressed with your assessments, interviews and exams, I find it helpful when you do little by little everyday. You set your goals for the month/week/day and on the day, just focus on what is given then take yourself on a date to relax.
I like to go outside to a café or somewhere cosy to study. When I am at home I like to make the environment aesthetic and romanticise my life like I am in a movie.
Things will work out in the end 🫂

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