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Irish Student Qualifications/ Cambridge Law Requirements

Hi! So I’m an Irish student who has applied to Cambridge for Law M100. I checked their entry requirements and basically it states that for courses requiring an A*AA, I would need a H1H1H1H2H2H2. It also states “with a H1 in the subjects most relevant to the course”. I’m a little baffled by this. Does this mean I need a H1 in English… my languages and other essay-based subjects? We all know how hard it is to get a H1 in English… so it’s not looking great but I won’t give up until it’s over. Please can someone clarify whether I require a H1 in any subject?
I am also confused because on the course page it states “no specific subject requirements” so I’m assuming subjects don’t necessarily matter… but they do for the Leaving Cert?

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