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Need to leave university due to problems leading to alcoholism. What are my options?

Hi Everyone,

Slightly difficult post but here goes... I recently started a Masters course. Over the last 8 years, depression, anxiety and serious anger issues have lead me to become an alcoholic, even being hospitalised for a couple of weeks in summer of 2021. However, over this summer I sobered up and felt ready to start the course. I had a very difficult time on the course straight away and appalling living conditions and regular verbal fights with the landlord caused me to relapse BADLY. I fell unbelievably behind and so the drinking continued. I am now heavily in debt and so will be spending the rest of the year working hard to make this money back with interest.

I originally suspended my studies now think I'd like to withdraw from the course completely, as it is not the course for me and I never stood a chance in such a dark place.

I am now back on the path to recovery but would like to start a different course next summer when I am better. Does this count as a 'Compelling Personal Reasons' (CPR) which would allow SLC to give me another year of a Masters Loan in order to do so?

I've been incredibly confused with what to do. I can stay as a temporarily withdrawal student and pay £3800 or leave and do a course more suited to me and pay £3200 but I know that another loan is not given out except under 'Exceptional Circumstances'.

Help! Figuring this out in a period of alcohol withdrawal has not been fun.

Many Thanks if anyone has any advice for me. x

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