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Applying for vetmed and nursing at RVC

Has anyone applied for both vet nursing and vet medicine at RVC? We are just wondering what the interview process would be? Are you interviewed separately for each one?

Same question for the foundation vetmed and actual vetmed, is there an interview for each?
I could be wrong but to my knowledge vet med and vet nursing will have separate application processes so separate interviews. But for foundation and normal vet med it will be the same interview I believe so will get the same mark, but obviously the pool of applicants you’re up against is different so you’ll have a different “rank” if that makes sense so could get an offer for one and not the other.
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At the interview for vetmed yesterday, they confirmed this would be the one for all three. She won’t need to go back again.
Interesting that vet nursing and vet med have the same interview, good to know thank you for updating :smile:

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