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I am a year 12 student and have just started my a-levels which are Biology,Chemistry and Psychology.I know i need good grades to get into university but my predicted grades at the moment are Grade B for psychology,D for chemistry and C for biology.I really appreciate if anyone could help me with study tips(how to study and how often i should be doing it)and also help me with my motivation as i just can’t find it and cba with doing my work when i know if i can work hard i’ll be able to achieve grades like AAA by the time i go to uni.

Any little help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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hi there! i've done my a-levels this year and got A's in biology and psychology. currently, i'd advise you to make revision resources, which i found quizlet was useful for both of these subjects, so when it comes to tests/exams you can easily revise without having to make resources at that time. if there's anything you don't understand, ask your teachers for help, or you can watch youtube videos (i used psychboost and miss estruch for aqa psychology and biology). if you use your frees wisely, and find time in the rest of the day when away from college, try and do some work then, or make yourself a timetable for in the evening and tell yourself to follow it and give yourself a treat for doing so! but don't worry about it too much as it is still fairly early days and you've just gotten used to college, and just know you have a good year and a half until your exams. hope this helps :smile:

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