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English language section B question

I'm taking my english language paper 1 mock tomorrow and i'm confused about the section B question. Normally they give you a picture and asks you to describe it or write a story about something. For the story, do you need to link it to the picture or can you write about anything and still get the marks. I would really appreciate the help.
Extra info- The exam board i use is AQA
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The story question almost always links in some way to the extract in section A and relates to the picture - AQA does this to make you be able to use the picture for some guidance while writing a story potentially. Sometimes the story is more broad (this time it was quite irrelevant to the picture) but still linked to the theme. Overall you do not need to link at all as the test is assessed on language, structure techniques, vocabulary and sentence forms - it is not imperative that you are highly accurate to the prompt like how in the picture question they teach you to go 'outside the picture'. Hope this helps :smile:
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