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Biomed Foundation Year Personal Statement - need help

This is a bit of a mess so please bare with me.

I finished my A-levels this year and I wish to start university in 2024, taking a little break in between (mainly due to mental health and needing to earn a little bit of money)

I took Media studies, Photography and I studied Economics (and took a Business exam due to my grades falling) and ended up with a BBC.

I originally wanted to take Biology, Chemistry and Maths for A-levels but my family pressured me to take 'easier' subjects as they didn't believe I'd achieve well in what I wanted to do. I struggled a lot during GCSE as I was mainly in lockdown for the last two years, but my grades were fine. I was also struggling with my mental health and I didn't feel encouraged enough to take what I wanted to take .. I wish I could change that. After finishing my A-levels I realised that I have the ability to do what I want if I try.

I'm in the middle of drafting my personal statement and I'm struggling a lot as I don't have any experience nor any subject in relation to biomed. I haven't been able to get a job either, and I don't have valid proof of my residency here yet. I have an indefinate leave to remain I'm just waiting on a BRP permit, so I haven't been successful in volunteering in the NHS prior to my uni application. I haven't read any books specifically besides forums online, most 'books' I've read have been my friends A-level biology textbooks and books on astronomy.

My main inspiration into wanting to study biomed is that I originally come from the Philippines which is a less economically developed country, and I want to help my home country to have access into these medicines and research. Covid is also another reason as to why I'd like to study into biomed. Covid had a huge impact on everyone. Seeing how it affected everyone and their life makes me want to become a researcher to help people if something so big were to ever happen again.

Would my reasons into wanting to study biomed be okay to write in my personal statement? I am applying for a foundation year too. I am also writing about transferrable skills from what I studied at A-levels (analysing data, interpreting data, independantly learning, planning etc) and I'm not sure whether I should add those in ... Overall I'm just struggling here and I'm hoping to get my application in by the 3rd December.

If you managed to read all the way down here than thank you for your time <3

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