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Graduate scheme in auditing firm in the UK, application

Hello there! I am an international student who is willing to do whatever it takes to get a successful application in Graduate scheme in one of the top ten firm in the UK auditing firm.

I had an experience in my home country in the field, but only have been having about 8 months of experience in the U.K in one of the local accounting firm.

I have done some research on the best way to prepare for the Grad scheme application, and one of the trick is to get an internship in one of those firms since it might be able to get you a better chance, especially, with someone like me who doesn't have an outstanding academic records, 2.2 in BSc management and on route to potentially get 2.2 for MSc accounting and finance in the end of 2024. I did apply for summer internship at Mazar, but got rejected in the first stage and I just would like to ask who those that have experience on how to secure a summer internship in such firms and what is the best way for me to get closer to Grad scheme which I am planning to apply for in Sep25 intake.

Any recommendations or tip and tricks will be highly appreciated
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How many others have you applied for? At which stage were you rejected by Mazars? Was this after tests or on initial CV review?

Also - as you are about to complete a masters degree (one year?) why are you not applying for grad schemes?
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