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Londoners who went to Uni of Edinburgh how was it?

Hey, I've just applied to the University of Edinburgh and am wondering how people from London found it. I went to Edinburgh in October 2021 and completely fell in love with the city, it's been the main subject of most of my poems and writings since then, however the distance from home throws me off a little. How often do you return home? Is the commute that exhausting?
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I have the same question! I am currently doing my UG in London and would love to study my MSc at Edinburgh, but I don't know if it'll be a good change of environment.
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University of Edinburgh
I’m a Londoner and went to Edinburgh Uni. I loved it and would totally recommend it. It’s beautiful, historic, fun, tasty, walkable, windy in winter and about 5 hot days all year but you won’t care.

I went home for Xmas and Easter in first year. And then just Xmas after that, mostly because I was busy doing Bedlam (the theatre company) so it took up all my summers with the Fringe, and I was in a bunch of other societies too - not to mention drinking coffee and hiking all over the amazing countryside around the city. And in Easter I went travelling abroad. I also had a weekend job and you needed to be consistently available to do that. I also did academic extra projects in the summers in the end of second and third year, so those took up a lot of time. My parents came up to see me instead in summer and stayed for a couple of weeks for their own holiday.
It’s personal - what suits one person would be unbearable for someone else. I know people that went home almost every weekend (though generally not Londoners), but as far as I was concerned I went to uni to go to uni not to see my parents!!

About 50% of my friends stayed in Edinburgh after graduation that’s how amazing it is.

Things to note. If you’re doing Science, after first year, you will mostly be down in Kings Buildings and they ain’t that pretty 😂.

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