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OCD affecting family relationships

I have quite severe ocd and have recently been prescribed some medication and have a CBT meeting/ check thing soon to get on a list for therapy. My ocd concerns are about germs- so bad that I don’t hug my family members.

I’m making a post because my because my distancing from family members has started to make my niece sad. She’s two years old, I used to be very playful and cuddly with my nieces and now I avoid contact.

My niece asked my sister yesterday “why doesn’t Auntie “X” give us hugs anymore?” Which has made my sister angry with me too.

Does anyone have advice with how to initiate hugging again? I’m trying to get help atm as I didn’t realise how bad my ocd had gotten.

CBT did not work for me, neither did medication. Over many years of fighting I simply got tired of it all and locked it at the back of my mind. It has been latent for years now and have no wish to go back to my very dark days, but I do hope CBT works for you.

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