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Been crying a lot lately - need advice

I made a previous post about how i yesterday I cried in front of my driving instructor. But as of the last week I’ve cried a total of 13 times . Ladies ,gentlemen and other who might be reading this , despite the statement above I am not a cry baby . Only this week . I’ve been feeling stressed , stupid and useless . I need to remedy this immediately cause I actually don’t have time to wallow in my sadness and be depressed. I want prove all who doubt me that I can do this . However , minor inconveniences have caused me to shut down and cry. My laptop broke today and think this is my last straw
maybe stop thinking abt ppl who doubt u, and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. get a sense of perspective. and get enough sleep. and maybe go to the doctor or like a school counsellor if you have one. good luck!
Find someone to talk to. Like a trusted friend or family member. Or ( difficult as it is) if the feeling persists go to the GP. I have just come out of what was the most difficult period of my life and i can also testify this: Take it one day at a time. Just try and get what needs to be done today out of the way. And take time away from life's near unbearable stresses. Me personally, i like to go on walks in the rain with my headphones on and listen to music. Find something stress free to take your mind off things even if just for 30 mins. Sending hugs Stanger xoxo

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