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(TW: SH) short sleeves in hospitals?

i want to do medicine, so i want to volunteer/ get work experience in hospital however ive realised a big issue - the short sleeves. i understand why this is a requirement however i have SH scars on my arms that i dont want to be seen. for the most part my forearms are clear and wouldnt arouse suspicion however my bicep areas are obvious. am i ald to wear something underneath scrubs that go up to at least my elbows? im working on getting the scars to fade before i start medicine but if i cant, am i basically screwed? what can i do to cover them?
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Probably best to ask what the policy is in the hospital where you will be volunteering or doing work experience. No one will care about the scars though - lots of people working in hospitals have them.
I'd imagine long sleeves are fine as long as you're bare below the elbow

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