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Childhood Plays/Performances

Do you recall stage plays or musical performances you were apart of as a child?

Personally, I remember I had to sing The Children Are The Future in front of my infants school. Somehow I think me being pantsed on stage would've been less embarrassing. Also, when I was in Year 6 I performed in a Pop Mime and cried when I didn't win anything, which was a problem I had in the early part of my childhood.
I was balthazar in the nativity, pontius pilate in the passion play, and an air raid warden in our year 6 ww2 themed musical. they were all quite fun but i had to demand an opportunity to audition for the air raid warden
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We did loads of plays (never a nativity which was mad considering we were in a turbo-catholic school), one every year throughout primary school. I didn't do anything in secondary because I was lazy, no other reason.

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