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Help: University study reesearch

Hey, I am a final-year graphics student and I'm creating a design report for my current module. But the problem is that I need to collect primary research.
So I would like to ask kindly if I can spare some of your time in helping to respond to the questions please.
The questions are:
1. Is branding important to consumers, and if so, why?
2. How does branding influence your purchasing decisions as a consumer?
3. What makes Starbucks different to other brands?
4. What or who influences you to buy Starbucks products?
5. What 3 words would you associate with Starbucks as a brand?
If you could all please answer the 5 questions numbered I would greatly appreciate it.
Looking forward to the answers and thank you in advance ☺️
hi ! do you still need some answers? :smile:
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