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Uni application stress

So I’m applying to uni this year and I feel like I’m really behind on everything. I have no idea where I wanna apply and I don’t even have a complete personal statement yet. I’m so stressed. Is anyone in a similar position?
Original post by Teribblestudent
So I’m applying to uni this year and I feel like I’m really behind on everything. I have no idea where I wanna apply and I don’t even have a complete personal statement yet. I’m so stressed. Is anyone in a similar position?

Applying to universities can be quite stressful so here are some things to think about to try and help the process
-Firstly is there a deadline for your personal statement to be done by? Yes, there is a deadline but if you are at college/ sixth form have they set an earlier personal deadline for it to be done by as they will also need time to read it, check it, write and attach a reference and submit the final application.

Here is a link to UCAS regarding deadlines

-Courses.* What courses are you interested in and can see yourself studying? Have you got a career goal in mind which requires a specific degree? Is there a subject you enjoy and perform well in? These are a few things you should be considering when thinking of what to study at university.* When you have an idea look at what modules (subjects within that subject) are taught within the course as many universities will offer the same courses but the modules will differ slightly and this can make a difference especially if you find a certain topic more interesting or something a career goal may relate to.

-Visiting Universities.* Have you been to any universities yet?* Have you got friends, family or know anyone at university what do they think of it? Would you prefer a campus-based university or a city based?* Again these are just a few things to consider when choosing universities.* See if there are any University Open Days happening soon and see if you are available and can book or if it is too late see if these universities offer campus tours to look around their Campus.* If you can’t visit in person, see if there are any virtual opportunities.* Universities in general will always try and help in any way we can.* De Montfort’s next Open Day is January 20th, we also offer campus tours three times a week and we also have a virtual campus tours for those who can’t come and visit and we upload videos to social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Here are some links for all the options I mentioned above.

-Facilities. For the course you are interested in would you be using any sort of specialised facilities? Have a look at what facilities the universities offer are they all quite accessible? Would it be similar to facilities in the workplace? Is it quite impressive? Also look at general facilities on campus such as Libraries, study spaces, is there a gym etc?

-Student life.* University is not just about the degree (I mean it is certainly important and your studies should be prioritised but when you are looking for employment after graduation employers would also be interested to hear about your life outside the degree and it's important for your well-being to have a social life too). Does the university have a good student life? Is there plenty of events/ activities to get up to, making sure you also look after your well-being and have a break from your studies? Look at what societies and sports teams there are, what happens at the Student Union?

-Speak to students.* The best way to get advice about university is speak to the students that go there.* Continue to interact with TSR and ask questions and read up on the universities as well as seeing if there are other platforms available.* At DMU we have a platform where you can chat to current students see if other universities have this feature here is DMU’s If you get the opportunity to go to Open Days also speak to students there as it’s great to network with others and hear their experiences.

-Location.* Have you thought about rough areas you would consider studying? Would you commute or live in accommodation?* How close to home would you like to be?* This is crucial to consider.* In addition, look at what’s surrounding the university is there plenty of stuff nearby such as supermarkets, public transport, shops, places to eat etc? Is it a nice area and would you feel comfortable living there? Have you ever been there before?

In general consider entry requirements, what impressions do you have of the university, what support systems do the university have and can you see yourself being a student there.

Overall these are just a few things to consider to help with getting you started, please leave a reply if you have any more questions or want to keep us updated and perhaps if you are in college/ sixth form ask for help from a tutor / teachers also as you should reach out if you are feeling stressed.
Hope this helps,
Maddie second year health and well-being student at De Montfort University.
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