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How is Jekyll presented in the middle and end of his confession

I am trying to create essay plans for the characters and themes of Jekyll and Hyde for my GCSE but I am struggling. I need two ideas with quotes for Jekyll for the begining middle and end of his confession.

For the begining I have done that he had a good start to life 'large fortune ' 'honourable and distinguished' to show that he had opportunities and that he didn't have an excuse for what he did e.g childhood trauma

I also said he is selfish 'Edward Hyde... Pure evil' 'until I fell in slavery' Jekyll is aware that Hyde is evil yet continues to be him just cas he enjoys it. Slavery suggests that Jekyll didn't have a choice which shows that he doesn't view himself accountable

So I think they are ok but I'm unsure what to do for middle and end. Could anyone help? Just remember that they need to come from the confession , not the whole novella
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