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"Trampled calmly" - Jekyll and Hyde

I have an assessment for Jekyll and Hyde this week and I was thinking a lot about this quote from Chapter 1. I'm aware there's the general idea that this quote presents Hyde as sadistic and showing no remorse after trampling over the girl at night, and also shows how he sees no issue with his behaviour/ this is normal for him through the word "calmly" etc... but I was also considering an alternative viewpoint but I'm not sure if it's appropriate or accepted?
We learned that child prostitution was common in the Victorian era when the novella was set, and perhaps this quote is a euphemism for Hyde inflicting repressed sexual desires forcefully on the young girl (likely a prostitute), in other words, he may have assaulted her, which would have made this attack seem a lot more frightening to a religious and morally conscious Victorian society.
I would want to include this in my essay (if it's about Hyde/ repression etc) because I feel like it would gain me extra marks for an alternative viewpoint, but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to include? If I could have the thoughts of anyone who's studied/ is studying Jekyll and Hyde, it would be very much appreciated!!
It usually is a very good idea to give alternative perspectives on quotes and interpretations as it demonstrates uniqueness and individuality as well as the fact that you are engaging more with the text, however I would speak with your teacher and approach them with your idea to see if they agree with it or can guide you to an alternative reasoning

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