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I would love to get all 9s at GCSE, but I am unsure on how to pace myself and revise effectively. How many hours should I revise for daily, and what should my revision look like? Currently, I am definitely not doing enough, so any help would be appreciated!
Hi @11academic11

Achieving all 9s in GCSE is no easy task!

But is great that you are aiming high, as you should :smile:

Some things that helped me through my GCSEs were relatively small changes/habits that made a big difference.

Instead of trying to cramp in as much content and revision as I could in 4 hours after school one day, I broke my workload up and tackled everything in smaller chunks over a week. This made me more willing to revise as I wasn't completely put off by the idea of sitting in my room frantically revising for hours on end.

Some days, I would spend 30-60 minutes just answering some past paper questions. Anything I didn't understand I just made a note of it. After spending that time answering past paper questions, I now have a list of areas I need to improve on. So the following day I would spend 30-60 minutes revising those topics/areas I couldn't quite answer the day before.

I asked all of my teachers to provide me with past papers and they were more than happy to keep giving them to me.

It is also important to understand in what conditions you learn best and what methods work best for you!
If you are not sure then it is worth spending some time trying to figure that out, as we all have different learning styles, what might work well for one person may be a complete waste of time for another.

I hope some of this helps and good luck!!

BCU Student Rep.

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