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Is it okay to drop out of sixth form with 5 months left?

I never really wanted to do A-levels and only went into it after feeling pressure of not liking the colleges in my area. I’m currently in year 13 with only a couple months left until I’m finish but I’m so unhappy there. I can’t keep up with work load (I already dropped out of one a level) and there’s nothing else teachers can do to help. It’s been very taxing on my mental health and it’s been the worst 2 years of my life. Although I’m 18 the school and my parents won’t let me drop out and encourage me to stay until the end. I really don’t want to stay there and I want to prioritise my mental health. I have no plans on going to university and don’t really see a reason to carry on. Also, due to my mental health I’m failing very badly and my predictions grades aren’t great. I don’t know if I should stay and put up with it or just not go and force them to kick me out…
its just 5 more months i know you are very stressed right now but try and relax, calm down and believe in yourself. You can do this. if you have put up with it for a little under 2 years, then you can put up with it for 5 more months. it will go by really quick, there is still time for you to make an academic comeback, get back on your feet and try again. Even if you fail your a levels atleast you did all you could. Regret is the worst feeling in life. Even if you don't want to go to university, wouldn't you like feeling that you have the option to even if you truly don't want to, wouldn't it still be an accomplishment of some sort to finish 6th form and also make you further qualified for future jobs. YOU CAN DO THIS. DON'T GIVE UP NOW. YOU GOT THIS.

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